KOKO HUNT | Photographer
Everything moves so fast these days. We stay connected and interactive with many people, things, places and tasks all the time, all at the same time. Maybe that is one of the main reasons I love still photography. l love the nostalgic sentiment of a fleeting moment captured, story told in a frame and emotions revealed in a poetic way. Yet, some things are left for imagination. 
Photography allows me to capture what I see as the essence of people, event, structure, environment and scene, then transform them into something tangible that we can take with us. Moments. Story. Loved ones. Legacy. Even a stationary building has its own character and essence that speaks out to me. I visit a same building or structure on a different day or at a different time, and it reveals distinctively unique mood and a story that surrounds it. Photography is the process and the medium that connects my soul to the Creator and the world I live in.
Now onto a little more personal things about me...
I am a follower of Jesus, lover of broken people, whisperer of dogs, student of Light. I believe we are all uniquely brilliant because of the gift bestowed by our Creator. I am originally from Japan, but am currently based out of North Georgia and live with a beautiful Cane Corso Italiano named Zeiss. I have two wonderful children. My daughter is a fearless, Army sergeant who loves to travel and live adventurously. My son, a football player at Bucknell University in PA, is a gentle giant off the field, and a beast on the field. I love sushi, filet mignon steak, sweet moscato champagne, mountains, camp fire and starlit/moonlit sky. I have newfound love for Yoga and the peace I feel when I meditate. I am a bit of recovering multi-tasking junkie, and I am looking for ways to simplify my life and live as minimalistic as I can. My broad taste in music goes from Stevie Ray Vaughan to Ólafur Arnalds to Miles Davis to Debussy to Josh Garrels. I also love calm arias, and Anna Netrebko is my favorite soprano. I don’t enjoy hot weather or humidity of the South, but love the scent of moist earth in the woods, and dramatic sky over North Georgia wineries and vineyards. If the clouds are forming interesting shape in twilight, that is where you will probably find me.


Member, Professional Photographers of America