GOOD IDEA! - Square Card Reader Pocket

September 29, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Many entrepreneurs including photographers use SQUARE to process credit card payments for their clients. I am one of them, and I carry my SQUARE CARD READER with me all the time. I wanted to find a little pouch to put my SQUARE CARD READER, so it won't be damaged inside of my purse or shooting bag, but didn't want to spend a lot of money for it. After browsing through Etsy, I decided to go through my house to see if I already have something that works for this purpose...and voila! I found something good. :)

It is a Nike+ sensor pocket that you can attached to non-Nike+ shoes, and it is made by a company called Nathan Sports.

Nathan Sports Shoe Pocket Plus and SQUARE Card ReaderA sensor pocket originally made to carry your Nike+ sensor on non-Nike+ shoes.

What's great is that this little pocket has a long Velcro that goes around the back side, then go over the flap and secure it to the bottom of the front side. I can use this feature to attach this pocket securely on my shoulder strap of the shooting bag, or purse, if I wanted to have an easy access to the card reader.





























You can find more information about this product here:

I got mine at DICK'S SPORTING GOODS - click here to see the product on their site.

Have a great day, and happy swiping!



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