Travel Photography - Shenandoah National Park

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In my last blog, I shared my experience of traveling to VA and how it inspired my soul to create some fine art pieces.

After the assignment, I took a road trip up to PA, to help my son settle in his new college. With 2 of my furry babes (Zeiss and Moco) in the back, off I drove to Lewisburg, PA. I looked at the map to see if I can make a stop somewhere nice to visit and to photograph. I found that my route was very close to Shenandoah National Park, so I decided to drive up to Shenandoah NP, catch the sunset, and spend the night in the near by hotel. I paid $25 to enter the park, and was told that the pass is good for a week. On the way back from PA to GA, I actually got off from the main highway and drove through the entire park. It took a long time, and the storm came and went while I was driving. But it was well worth it. 

Shenandoah NP-20160806-1247Shenandoah NP-20160806-1247 Shenandoah NP-20160806-1208Shenandoah NP-20160806-1208 Shenandoah NP-20160806-1163Shenandoah NP-20160806-1163 Shenandoah NP-20160806-1122Shenandoah NP-20160806-1122 Shenandoah NP-20160806-1115Shenandoah NP-20160806-1115 Shenandoah NP-20160806-1099Shenandoah NP-20160806-1099 Shenandoah NP-20160806-1086Shenandoah NP-20160806-1086 Shenandoah NP-20160806-1074Shenandoah NP-20160806-1074 Shenandoah NP-20160806-1073Shenandoah NP-20160806-1073 Shenandoah NP-20160806-1068Shenandoah NP-20160806-1068

Shenandoah NP-20160806-0950Shenandoah NP-20160806-0950

I thought I captured an eagle, but it turned out to be a turkey vulture... 


Shenandoah NP-20160806-0939Shenandoah NP-20160806-0939 Shenandoah NP-20160806-0923Shenandoah NP-20160806-0923 Shenandoah NP-20160806-0922Shenandoah NP-20160806-0922 Shenandoah NP-20160806-0920Shenandoah NP-20160806-0920 Shenandoah NP-20160806-0918Shenandoah NP-20160806-0918 Shenandoah NP-20160806-0901Shenandoah NP-20160806-0901 Shenandoah NP-20160806-0822Shenandoah NP-20160806-0822 Shenandoah NP-20160806-0744Shenandoah NP-20160806-0744 This white flower was shot with my beautiful and unique Petzval 85mm. The swirly bokeh is their signature effect. Quite difficult to focus; you will need tripod and use camera's electronic view finder zoom on the LCD screen to confirm the focus. I used x10 zoom and used my Hoodman LCD cover with diopter ( to see it close.

Shenandoah NP-20160806-0719Shenandoah NP-20160806-0719 Shenandoah NP-20160806-0718Shenandoah NP-20160806-0718 Bucknell Visit-20160801-0188Bucknell Visit-20160801-0188 A photo of me and my two boys, Zeiss (right) and Moco (left). I used Camranger ( and their iPhone app to shoot this lovely sunset shot. Camranger lets you adjust focus, exposure, shutter speed, file format, multiple exposure setting, etc., from your iPhone screen. I bought it for my architectural and interior shoots, but of course I can use it to do self portraits, etc. Thank you, God, for putting on a panorama of amazing sunset for us.


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